My Favourite Serum

Mr. J bought me this for my birthday. He wasn’t too pleased because for the first time ever I presented him with a list. He loves buying gifts, so this took the fun out of it for him rather. But, at £62 for 30ml, it isn’t the kind of purchase that I’d make on a regular basis, and needs must.

I tried out this milk – along with a load of other Nude products at SpaceNK. I ambled in, spoke to the (lovely & helpful) assistant about wanting a new skin care regime to support my skin as it ages, and was treated to a mini facial using Nude stuff. Oh, SpaceNK how I love thee. None of this: you have to get this or your life is over crap. Just a straightforward show don’t tell, approach and I was sent on my way with a few testers. Which is the very best thing for those of a sensitive persuasion (both in the skin and emotion department, hehe). And after using the omega milk at home, and seeing how it calmed redness and made my skin super soft and bouncy, I was sold on it as The One.

I am also in love with the cleansing part of my skincare routine. I like the feeling of luxy products, which I can apply and massage my face at the end of the day. This jelly cleans well, takes of make-up and leaves skin feeling moisturised. Plus it smells divine and is completely non-irritating to me.

If I could I would get all of the Nude products because I think that they have an amazing range, especially given their commitment to clean skincare. But I also think that what they offer is suitable for all types of skin, and is a beautifully luxurious line.


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