Your Sister is a Force of Nature (thank god)

Dear J**,

Tonight your brother told your sister what was happening.   I was the first person she called.  Words can’t explain what that meant to me.  She wasn’t mean about you.  How could she be?  In fact I felt like I was connecting to the one other person that truly knows you.  That knows what you are like when things are going wrong.  How you can be stealthy and closed and run away from a problem. How you stick your head in the sand.  It made me feel so much less alone.

StockSnap_F468F2DCFAAnd she said that I should come and stay there, and that I am family.  And that I am a sister to her.  And that you and I are half of the same coin, so if you hate yourself even a little you will hate me too, because you can’t separate us out.  She said that I was the best thing that had ever happened to you and that she has seen us and known us, and that although you can’t know what goes on behind closed doors, that the story you are telling is rot.

I am so grateful that your sister is a force of nature.  She is the one person that can give it to you straight.  Because you have a connection and understand each other in a way that nobody else, nobody that wasn’t adopted, could really understand.  And I hope that you will tell her about everything.  And she will stand strong for you like she has for me.

Somehow, although I know that speaking to her will probably not change anything for you, knowing that she is there, having both our backs, and braver than most to tell the truth gently, makes me feel like the world is not as bad as I thought it was an hour ago.



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