Losing the plot? How to tame your new allotment

You may have watched the Big Allotment Challenge on the BBC and seen the pristine plots that the gardeners started with. (Don’t get me started on that programme… ) Continue reading


They grow like weeds…

If I closed my eyes the black tangled roots of horsetail danced before them. When I first sunk my fork into the soil, I didn’t know what the slightly menacing thin ropes of doom were.  But I soon came to realise that any subterranean investigation yielded miles and miles of the stuff.   Continue reading

Tips for Newbies

At this point I still consider myself a relative newbie, having only been at it for three years. But I’m not a total novice any more. And I’ve had two new plots in that time (the first one was horribly shady and slow to warm up in Spring).  So, here’s some advice that will be useful for people starting out. In no particular order, my top tips are:

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