Reflecting on a Year of PhD Study

This week, I, and most of the rest of my PhD cohort have been doing (subjected to, endured, suffered etc.) annual reviews, in which we received considered feedback from an academic not our supervisors and had to defend our proposals plus one chapter.  Afterwards Continue reading


The No Sugar Diet

I have observed over the years that when I am stressed or anxious I gain weight. Quickly. It’s very depressing. So naturally I’ve been on lots of diets. I’m pretty disciplined about dieting when I put my mind to it. But I am, sadly, statistically predictable in that after a three or four years I gain the weight back, and some. And the more that this happens, the less inclined I am to do it again. This is partly because dieting takes up so much mental energy that would be better spent elsewhere; and it is clearly ineffective in the long term. But the key to weight-loss, I have read is 80% diet and 20% exercise. Continue reading